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    About Us

    Your Alumni was registered on 12th May 2005 under the Certificate of Registration No: S/51323 of Societies Registration Act, (XXI) of 1860 with the following aims:

    • To promote and strengthen an enabling environment which recognizes children’s rights and child development wherever possible through the alumni of the School, the present students, of the school, the School, the School and sensitized members of society.
    • To help in creating an environment amongst the alumni, the present students, the School and society, which recognizes that children’s rights encompass every dimension of human dignity and human development.
    • To direct activities of the association towards understanding that education of all children should focus on:
    • The development of the Child’s personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest.
    • The development of respect for human rights and human dignity.
    • The preparation of the child for a responsible life in free society, in the spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, equality of the sexes and friendship among all people of the nation and the world.
    • Development of respect for the natural environment.
    • Towards achieving the above, institute and award scholarships, freeships and donations from the funds of the association; involve members of the alumni, the present students, the school and society in sensitizing others towards the above objectives and in building a dynamic relationship amongst members of the association in achieving them.
    • To create a platform for interaction amongst ex-students, developing of working relationship interse for furtherance of the objects of the Association and undertaking of interactive activities for the common good of all by the association and/or its branches/chapters.
    • To foster a closer relation amongst the ex-students and to maintain a constant contact between all branches of this association and our parent association.
    • To associate and cooperate with other associations in India with similar aims.
    • To raise and accept funds, loans, gifts, subscriptions and endowment and to administer the same for fulfillment of the aims and objects of the association.
    • To raise funds from membership fee, donations, gifts, etc from members and non-members alike, whether in kind or otherwise to finance the activities of the Association.
    • To do all such other things as are incidental or additional to the furtherance of the above aims. The association does not aim to make profits.
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